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Radio Systems’ Millenium Broadcast Consoles are a superb value. Thousands of RS Series Consoles have been sold since they were introduced 15 years ago, and today the Millenium Series carries on this tradition with enhanced capabilities and dramatic new styling. Take a hard look at Millenium broadcast consoles. They offer a dazzling combination of superb specifications, sleek modern styling and a wide range of features all at unexpectedly low prices!


Models available
RS-6a: 6 channel
RS-12a: 12 channel
RS-18a: 18 channel
RS-24a: 24 channel

Audio Inputs
Type: differentially balanced instrumentation amplifiers with gain set jumpers and selectable input attenuators

Level: jumper selectable gain settings to accommodate nominal input levels from -60 dBm to +10 dBm. Maximum input level: +22 dBm

Impedance: 20K ohms or jumper selected

Headroom: 22 dBm at any level

Line Outputs
Type: actively balanced
Level: adjustable 0 dBm to +10 dBm, maximum output +22 dBm

Impedance: 100 ohms

Distortion: .008% at nominal operating level, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, Pgm,
Aud and Mono outputs signal to noise: 88 dB (or better) below +4dBm with 0 dBv input level, 20 kHz bandwidth, 600 ohm source impedance (line to line) 74 dB (or better) below +4 dBm output with -50 dBv input level, 20 kHz bandwidth, 150 ohm source impedance (mic to line)

Frequency response: +/- .2 dB 20 Hz to 20 kHz

Monitor Sends
Level: 1 volt rms nominal, 10 volts rms maximum, balanced

Headphone Output
Level: 1 volt rms nominal, 10 volts rms maximum into 600 ohm headphone

Distortion: .05% typical, .1% maximum

Impedance: 50 ohms to front panel jack, 330 ohms to prefader (external amp) output

Cue Output
2 watts rms into 8 ohm speaker

All consoles are 27 inches deep and 9 inches tall
6 channel: 20.75 inches long
12 channel: 32.75 inches long
18 channel: 44.75 inches long
24 channel: 56.75 inches long

Available Accessories
Copy stand

StudioHub+ Harness

Source cables - specify length and type

Spare power supply

Additional clock/timer (rs-18a and
rs-24a models only)

Additional meter (rs-18a and rs-24a models only)

Auxiliary relay

Available Options
Selector logic card

Basic remote interface card

Enhanced remote interface card

Squawk box card

Squawk box speaker

Four source switcher card

DA card

Dual mix-minus board

Four output mix-minus boards

IFB switcher

Colored fader knobs

2 years parts and service
Specifications subject to change without notice

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