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Radio Systems, Inc.

Radio Systems’ digital dual-line phone hybrid provides everything you demand from a broadcast phone interface. Just a push of a dedicated front panel button answers calls, puts callers on hold, on-the-air, or in conference mode. Digital line nulling provides excellent separation and audio quality, and microprocessor controlled switching circuitry makes the DI-2000 the most featured, best sounding and easiest to use hybrid you’ll ever own.

• Dual Line Hybrid functions as 2 separate hybrids or conference system
• Full automated console remote control
• Automatic digital nulling
• Producer and screener phone support
• Auto-answer feature
• Console to-caller cueing
• Full line monitoring for auto call drop and auto-nulling
• Internal mix- generation
• Acoustic room echo cancellation
• Record outputs


The ANSWER/CUE control flashes red to indicate an incoming call. Push once to answer the call and automatically route the caller audio to the cue channels.

Callers placed on HOLD are fed program audio. If in the conference mode, callers can speak to each other off-air. Pressing the DROP button disconnects callers, and (with) any of the three other mode buttons initiates the auto-answer feature. Calls will be automatically seized and placed into any of the three modes selected. The lamps flash slowly to indicate the auto-answer mode selected.

Callers are automatically switched between three audio sends; cue when answered, program on hold, and mix-minus on air (the mix-minus also contains the second caller's output in the dual model.) The multiple outputs to the studio include caller cue on answer (useable as line level input or direct speaker drive), main output, and a mixed caller/host output for recording. Dip switches program whether the unit operates in a conference or dual line mode, and how the audio mix is shared between callers. The unit accepts a mix-minus input from the console if one is available but does not require one to create an excellent caller to host null. The remote connector interfaces console automated answer functions and supports an external remote control panel. A producer's phone jack is also provided for off-air call screening. To record callers off air, the di-2000 provides a mixed (caller and host) audio output.

The DI-2000 is ideal for conference calls, with several optional and programmable modes for mixing caller outputs and cue input buses. The unit also creates an internal inter-caller talk path, eliminating the need to supply a second mix-minus output from the console. The DI-2000 can also be programmed to operate as two separate single-line units.

Hybrid Technology

Full duplex operation is automatically achieved using adaptive filtering techniques which dynamically calculate and maintain the maximum caller to host null (trans-hybrid loss). This digital filter trains on both the acoustical (speaker to microphone) and line (caller send/ receive) signals to suppress echo from both paths. The auto-nulling function is accomplished in the first few seconds of call connection and without the use of a white noise burst.


Audio Inputs

Impedance: 10K ohm, active balanced

Maximum Input Level: +21 dBm

Nominal Input Level: +4 dBm

1/4 inch balanced (TRS) phone connector Mix-minus input: provides audio to caller when on air

Cue Input: Provides audio to caller when in ans/cue

Music-On-Hold Input: provides audio to caller when on hold

Audio Outputs

Impedance: 60 ohms, active balanced

Maximum Output Level: +14 dBm

Nominal output level: +4 dBm (.3 watts ‹ cue adjustable level) 1/4 inch balanced (stereo) phone connector

Record Output: mix of caller and host audio

Cue Output: caller audio when in ans/cue

Speaker Level: cue channel

Main Output: caller audio when on air

Telco Line Inputs
2 tip/ring standard (pots) line inputs
Ring voltage detect
Off-hook line detect (for auxiliary phone)
Line-drop detect (for auto disconnect)
RJ-11 (4 wire) connector

Remote Control Lines
Answer / cue switch control
Hold switch control
Air switch control
Drop switch control
Answer / cue lamp
Hold switch lamp
Air switch lamp
Line 1 & 2 seize relay (c form)

Console Logic Remote Lines
Off switch control (answer, cue, hold, drop)
On switch control (air, cue)
Off lamp (ring flash, hold flash)

Distortion: 1% THD at 1 kHz

Frequency Response: 300 - 3300 Hz +/- 1 dB

Noise: 65 dB referenced to 0 dBm phone level

Transhybrid Loss: 40 dB minimum

Power: 115/230 switchable 50/60 Hz

1 year parts and service

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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