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Radio Systems Millennium Digital consoles are engineered to render the LOWEST NOISE / DISTORTION & CROSS-TALK possible. Thus, we meet or exceed the specifications of every other brand and qualify for all demanding customer bid and tender specifications.

This said, it has always been our policy until June of 2016 to publish more conservative specifications so that our products when delivered would exceed these specifications and our customer expectations.

Therefore, for customers and purchasing authorities that must know the exact performance specifications, we publish these three critical specifications of Total Harmonic Distortion (plus noise), Frequency Response (full bandwidth) and Cross-Talk (stereo separation). The measurements shown are actual tests results made to production-floor gear. All are preformed to all consoles shipped, and are typical of the measurements achieved on ALL consoles EVER produced. That is, while some posted previous brochures and manuals have utilized the lesser, more conservative specifications, ALL MILLENIUM DIGITAL CONSOLES ever produced have always and will always meet or exceeded the test and performance results shown below.

On request, the measurement graphs for your individual consoles will be provided with console shipment documentation.

Test #1
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise (THD+N) - Digital Input to Digital Output

< .0006%

Test #2
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise (THD+N) - Analog Input to Analog Output

Test #3
Cross-Talk (Stereo Separation)
>88 dB

Test #4
Frequency Response (20Hz - 20KHz)
+/- .1 dB

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