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Analog Distribution Amplifiers
ADA 2x8SS Analog DA

Digital Distribution Amplifiers
DDA-1x8SH Digital DA
DDA-1x4SH Digital DA
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Radio Systems’ DDA 1x8SH is our eight output AES/EBU non-reclocking digital distribution amplifier. Front panel input switching allows one of AES/EBU inputs to be easily routed to the eight independent outputs. Front panel indicators show which input is selected as well as presence of AES/EBU input signals.

• Eight independent AES/EBU outputs
• Two front panel switched AES/EBU inputs
• RJ-45 connectors for AES/EBU inputs/outputs
• Selectable 115/230 VAC, 50/60Hz
• Front panel AES/EBUinput presence indicators
• Also available: DDA-1x4SH with four AES/EBU outputs



Frequency Response +/- 0.1 dBfs, 20Hz – 20kHz

.002% over 20Hz – 20kHz,
output level -20 dBfs (with 110 ohm load)

123 dB below 0 dBfs output level, bandwidth
20 Hz -20kHz with 110 ohm input and output termination

1 Stereo AES/EBU
Nominal input -20 dBfs
Maximum input 0 dBfs
Dynamic Range 123 dB
Input Impedance 110 ohms
Rear panel jumper selectable grounding options


8 Stereo AES/EBU (Model DDA 1x8SH)
4 Stereo AES/EBU (Model DDA 1x4SH)

Output Impedance
110 ohms

Maximum output
0 dBfs

LED Indicators
audio (data) present
A/B input select

19” wide x 1.75” (1ru) high x 7” depth
48.3 wide x 4.4 (1ru) high x 17.8cm depth

8lbs. / 3.6 Kgs.
23” x 13” x 3” / 58.5 x 33 x 7.7cm

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