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Millenium Livewire Digital Console Software

Millenium Livewire Consoles require current version of digital base host and user software AS WELL AS host software which resides on the Livewire circuit board which is loaded and accessed via browswer software on the Livewire IP network.

Download the latest Millenium Livewire software version via this link to a location on your PC, and follow the instructions on the Millenium Livewire Software System page (Menu Option #7) to load the software.

New features and modifications in Millenium Livewire version

  1. Upgrade to allow more than 34 source profiles to be entered. Corrected memory allocation error when reading the source profile table.
  2. Access to console “MUTE-1” and “MUTE-2” triggers via the Livewire GPIO port
  3. Multiple GPIO Livewire profiles supported.
  4. Source locking - source name flashes to indicate that it is in use on another Livewire source. Flashing clears when other user de-selects the source.
  5. Iprobe - IP address is now recognized and displayed by Axia "Iprobe" program
  6. Scenes  a new scene source selection is not loaded (only) onto channels that are on. If the channel is on, the new scene source (if there is a new source for that channel as part of the new scene) will be displayed on the lower LCD line and the ON button will flash. Then when that channel is turned off, the scene will load.
  7. IP/SUBMASK addresses display and change - IP AND submask addresses are now displayed and can be changed by holding the last rotary encoder knob down for 10 seconds.

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