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Millenium Digital Console User Software and Console Firmware

Millenium Digital Consoles use two software components:

  • Console Host Software - this is the "operating system" of the console
  • Console User Softare - this is the "client software" that runs on a PC and is used to program Utility buses and to set levels. NOTE: Host and User software version numbers will not normally match, as they are independently updated by the manufacturer.

To ensure that your console has the latest features, you should install and run the latest versions of both the host and the user software. The current versions of both are listed below. Note that current version numbers of User and Host software are not typically the same. Carefully follow the readme.txt file for instructions on installing the host software.

If you require an older version of the software (not recommended), they are listed below. Note that some versions of User Software and Firmware are INCOMPATABLE with each other

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